We also want to ask ourselves how our venture impacts the big picture. We want to be responsible, considering energy use, land use, water use, and chemical use.

Importantly, growing hydroponically is more efficient than conventional farming in several ways. We can grow 10-20 times more food per square foot and use 90% less water compared to conventional farming. With indoor farming, no pesticides are touching our food or flowing into our lakes and rivers. And because we grow in the middle of a large population center, less fuel is used to transport our produce to the person who eats it. Now, hydroponics is not perfect. Growing indoors requires energy to provide light and control growing conditions. But feeding a growing world means we need innovative solutions, and there’s no doubt that hydroponics will play a crucial role.


This is why we’ve started Urban Greens. To connect our community, innovate how we grow and access food, and make it easier and more enjoyable to eat healthy and local.

Our farm

We value community. 


We live in Minneapolis, we work here, shop and eat here, are part of a church here. To us, this is more than a city we live in. It's our community. And we believe that communities are stronger, both socially and economically, when they are more connected. When they look inwards instead of outwards to meet needs.


We want to be a contributing part of this community, and growing food seems like a great way to contribute. We love food. We love to eat it, but food is more than just nourishment. It's an important part of our family's lives and our social gatherings.


As an indoor hydroponic farm growing lettuce, greens, and herbs, we can provide healthy food in our community.


But our vision is not to simply grow food. We want to grow food that tastes great, food that makes eating more enjoyable, and food that is healthy. On top of that, we want to make this food more accessible and more convenient to purchase and eat.

Growing indoors allows us to supply fresh and local produce in all four seasons, something not typically available in the Twin Cities. Because we deliver within a day of harvesting, our produce lasts longer, meaning less is wasted. As we grow, we plan to make this fresh, hyper-local food available in new, more convenient ways. On-demand delivery. Weekly boxes of locally grown greens, delivered year round. 

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